shutterchef allows you to easily share recipes with family and friends

Meet shutterchef.

The app that allows you to share recipes with friends

shutterchef was built during the cusp of Apple turning from iOS6 to iOS7. It was built with Obj-C, Parse, and Yummly’s API. With shutterchef, everyone is a master chef!


We’ve all experienced it — seeing a friend upload food-porn photos to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and wondering: “How did they make that?”


Create an app that makes it easy to discover and share homemade recipes and photos with friends and family.

  • Ideation
  • Logo Designer
  • Developer of the Photo filter Component
  • Fellow UI Designer
Built With
  • Photoshop (Design)
  • Invision (Design)
  • Objective-C (Development)
  • Parse (Development)
  • Yummly (Development)

Ideation and Creation

How shutterchef came to be

In 2013, I was accepted into an iOS bootcamp called AccessCode. AccessCode is an intensive iOS development course where I learned the fundamentals of iOS development and learned the basics behind Objective-C. By the end the course, my team and I released a full fledged photo sharing iPhone app in the Apple Store, called shutterchef.

Pushing to Production

The shutterchef app

What We Delivered

I was lucky to work alongside a amazingly talented team to create shutterchef. All in all, I’m proud of what we created.

This app was built on the cusp of iOS6 and iOS7.
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