The Challenge

Reimagine and recreate Scratch.com. Scratch Music Group is divided into three vertices; Scratch Weddings (provider of wedding DJ), Scratch Events (provider of corporate event DJs), and Scratch DJ Academy (which teaches people to DJ). The challenge was to create an integrated experience in which all three of these vertices could live.

The Approach

The look and feel I wanted to evoke was, exciting, cool, and friendly. The great thing about working at Scratch, is that a major amount of our target audience takes classes upstairs in our academy. We surveyed 50+ people to learn about their thoughts on DJing and understand their ideas on the new design options for Scratch.com.

Our Tagline

“DJing Starts Here”

User Experience Design

User Experience was a huge focal point of this project. Our primary goal was provide an visually stimulating interface that the user could interact with in ease

Responsive Web Design

This project is fully responsive. Built on top of Bootstrap, scratch.com utilizes custom media queries to ensure it works on every device.


Team Members
Days to make
Git Branches
Increase of Traffic since redesign

The Technologies behind it all – Scratch.com utilizes Ruby on Rails, Locomotive CMS, and AngularJS.

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