pkboo kids

pkboo kids is a new line of baby and young children accessories. I was tasked with creating the design of a brand identity for pkboo kids. This included the design of all graphic, web, and visual material.

A focus on craftsmanship

pkboo’s  unique collection of baby essentials combines vintage inspiration, handcrafted quality and delightfully different details. With this in mind, all items created followed this whimsical, handcrafted feel.



Hangtags Printed on Kraft


Line Sheets and Web Design


Icon Set & Folding Instructions


Style Guide & Color Scheme


pkboo's philosophy

“We believe items that are made by hand are crafted with a sense of love, enthusiasm and attention to detail. We wouldn’t be satisfied by developing another mass-produced item. We believe functional should still be fashionable. Our thoughtful design and unexpected twists create products that feel truly unique!”

Sky is dedicated, hard working, talented and a great person to work with. She meets deadlines, understands the job at hand and works hard to execute each task. She really involves herself and takes initiative. She 's also responsible and reliable and follows through each project until its completed. Not to mention, she has a great personality!

Pam Shui - Co-founder of pkboo kids