The Brief

Since launching in 2013, Mommy Nearest has become the most-trusted tech company for parents looking to discover family-friendly places across the country. In 2015, I was brought in to recreate the brand image of Mommy Nearest. Already a staple in the daily flow of thousands of parents, this was no small task. The challenge was to keep the whimsical nature of the old branding, while recreating the company’s image to something new and modern.

Old Branding

Native app and website in old branding
Marketing material with old branding and typography
Native app with old branding

The Research

After sitting with the project for awhile, I brought in what we termed “Power Users” to get their opinions on the Mommy Nearest brand as well as designs we were working on. These included rough sketches of potential logos, rough sketches of the website, as well as other marketing material. The research conducted led to three core takeaways A) the new brand must be cohesive and each external product should showcase one another B) The old logo’s main character had no story and thus no emotional connection to the user. Since we don’t want to define what a mother “looks” like, the logo should not be illustrative and instead showcase the idea of our old logo (mother and child) in a non-literal manner C) Women don’t automatically like the color pink. In fact, all participants hated our old color scheme. The new color scheme should invoke feelings of happiness and whimsy while straying away from stereotypes.

The Logo Process

After sitting with our “Power Users” and creating the core takeaways, I got to sketching. The MommyNearest logo will always be near and dear to my heart, specifically because the logos I spent the most time on were killed and the one I spent the least time on (literally a quick afterthought) everyone fell in love with. “Kill your darlings” — true story. Below is the sketch process of three of the finalists.

Mommy Nearest: Parenting is Hard, We make it Easier.

In the end, the last logo deemed “The Little People” was chosen. Next steps were sitting down and creating a style guide that would be used across the company. This included our color scheme, typography, UI items, and marketing material. Below is a small sample of the items created.

Mommy Nearest Analytics

To make sure our iterations were driven by data, I created MN Weekly Numbers where we would dive into numbers over a span of time, then make decisions based on real numbers juxtaposed against our goals.

Total Page views and visits
Boosted vs Organic Article Visits
Views by Region

Once marketing items were done,
my focus was our web product: was built on Ember.js with a Rails backend. I was responsible for creating the UI as well as working with 4 developers to develop the site. utilizes SemanticUI, and for analytics includes Mixpanel, Chartbeat, and Google Analytics. The website has gone through several iterations of modules based on performance. See the site live at: You can see our style guide HERE